“I used to dread printing the pickup lists and having to organize who, what, where, extras -- with Member Assembler it’s all in one place!”

That’s a quote from one of our customers and we hear it all the time.

You would rather be farming than taking care of member payments, messing with formulas in Excel, updating email distribution lists, and formatting pickup lists.

Your CSA is growing and becoming more complex. You find yourself more in your office than your fields.

We know these challenges; Simon Huntley, Small Farm Central's founder, helped run a quickly growing 130-member CSA and spent a ton of time on member administration. That time could have been spent more productively growing and delivering a great CSA box to members.

Running a CSA farm is a calling, but it is also a complex business that asks you to wear a multitude of hats from irrigation expert to post harvest quality inspector to salesperson to book keeper and on and on. It is hard work and every minute counts.

Member Assembler simplifies your CSA administration by tying the loose ends together:

Member Assembler is built to answer these questions and many more. We recognize that each CSA is unique and has different challenges, so let's talk to determine if Member Assembler will benefit your farm.

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